RTD® Wound Dressing

RTD® is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial foam with Methylene Blue (0.25 mg/g), Gentian Violet (0.25 mg/g) and Silver Ion (7 mg/g) integrated into the polymer matrix. RTD® is the universal quick-closing, moist, advanced oxygenation capillary-suction-therapy and biofilm reducing dressing with bio-burden sequestration.

  • RTD® Wound Care Dressing family of products is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial and analgesic foam. RTD® is the only product available on the market with four active ingredients:
    • Methylene Blue (0.25 mg/g)
    • Gentian Violet (0.25 mg/g)
    • Silver Ion (7 mg/g)
    • Capillary-Suction Therapy Foam
  • The result is a synergistic interaction of all four ingredients creating singlet oxygenation. This dressing that is versatile, ready to use and requires no hydration prior to placing onto a wound.



The RTD® Wound Care Dressing is indicated for the treatment of partial to full thickness wounds with light to heavy exudate, including pressure ulcers, venous stasis and arterial ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, skin tears, graft wounds and donor sites, surgical/post-operative wounds, first and second degree burns, lacerations and abrasions and any other wound inflicted by trauma.

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