What is RTD

What is RTD® ?

RTD® is a patented wound dressing that is effective in all stages of healing by combining all four ingredients and creating singlet oxygen effect. RTD® promotes healing by primary and secondary intention. Its anti-microbial effectiveness and moisture retentive properties make it an ideal dressing choice for optimal exudate management and healing.

How It Works

  • Methylene Blue:
    • Catalyst for singlet oxygenation
    • Strong Cation: draws negatively charged bacteria
    • Historically proven, safe anti-microbial
    • Attacks gram (-) negative bacteria
  • Gentian Violet
    • Attacks gram(-) and gram(+) bacteria
    • Antibacterial and Antifungal
    • Analgesic
  • Silver Ion
    • Silver ions (Ag+) are slowly, continuously released in the presence of exudate
    • Amount of Silver ions released are proportionate to the amount of exudate
    • Silver ion (Ag+) binds to bacterial cells
    • Penetrates and kills gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria
  • Medical Grade Polyurethane Foam
    • Capillary suction therapy (CST): pulls liquefied biofilm and bacteria from wound bed
    • Bio-burden sequestration: strips toxins and debris and sequesters into foam matrix for disposal, preventing antimicrobial resistance
    • Autolytic debridement

The result is a synergistic interaction of all four ingredients creating singlet oxygenation. This dressing that is versatile, ready to use and requires no hydration prior to placing onto a wound.

    • A high energy form of oxygen which is highly reactive with bacteria
    • Co-combine into O2 which locally encourages healing
    • Natural antimicrobial defense
    • No known antimicrobial resistance to singlet oxygen
    • Derived from methylene blue
    • Green technology

Patient Benefits:

  • Antibacterial, antifungal, and analgesic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable, pliable, and surface conforming.
  • Patented foam dressing keeps wound clean, moist, and highly absorbent
  • Removes exudate and promotes optimal wound healing
  • Allows for easy removal
  • Cost effective – Minimal staff time. Can be changed as infrequently as every 3 day.
  • Proven efficacy with difficult cases
  • HCPCS: A6209, A6210


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